Handmade treasures

Fashion is primarily a matter of style. And style is not only about expensive brands and logos; it is about personal expression. Annie Archimandritou proves that through her wonderful handmade jewels.
Annie is a mother and a hard working woman from Greece that made her passion with beautiful, unique things a hobby. She started creating jewels -earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings- a year ago and so far she has succedeed to have loyal fans in Athens and other Greek cities.
As you can see, although an amateur, her craftsmanship is exquisite. She chooses to use easy to manage materials, like alpaca (a kind of silver), copper, bronze, gemstones and leather, and her creations are inspired mainly by Greek images. I will totally recommend them to all my friends as Annie’s jewels match perfectly with the bronze colors of the Greek summer!






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