Michael Kors Resort 2013/ The charming East

It seems like Michael Kors has chosen his Resort 2013 destination. The charming gleams of the Far East -well, comparing to America- became the inspiration for this collection. Gold everywhere: from coats to pants and from sandals to buttons.

Michael Kors recently opened three new stores at Istanbul so it was pretty predictable that he would present a collection completely based on the oriental tradition. Thus, golden motifs and details ornament in a subtle, yet luxurious way dresses -most of them in 60’s A line- and pants, while the vivid colors -the emerald pyzama suit? Oh my God, I want it now!- give the necessary sparkle to this collection.

As always, you don’t expect nothing less from Michael Kors. He is the absolute ambassador of the glamorous minimalism!





Luxury in Green & Gold

I love everything that combines green and gold, especially when it comes to luxurious items, like jewelry. I find these earings by Aurelie Bidermann, french designer with an exquisite craftsmanship, absolutely fabulous.

EXTRA TIP: A perfect gift for a fashionista after a fight… Lovely boys do you hear me??? 😉

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