Put your pajamas on

A white pajama top and white jean shorts are enough to create the ideal look for a morning walk on sunshine. Don’ t forget your wayfarer! Style and protection always go together!



Michael Kors Resort 2013/ The charming East

It seems like Michael Kors has chosen his Resort 2013 destination. The charming gleams of the Far East -well, comparing to America- became the inspiration for this collection. Gold everywhere: from coats to pants and from sandals to buttons.

Michael Kors recently opened three new stores at Istanbul so it was pretty predictable that he would present a collection completely based on the oriental tradition. Thus, golden motifs and details ornament in a subtle, yet luxurious way dresses -most of them in 60’s A line- and pants, while the vivid colors -the emerald pyzama suit? Oh my God, I want it now!- give the necessary sparkle to this collection.

As always, you don’t expect nothing less from Michael Kors. He is the absolute ambassador of the glamorous minimalism!




The newcomer in the style scene

“The Telegraph” wrote about her “she has an adorable, sensational, almost perfect face for cinema; think Audrey Hepburn with the eyebrows of Liam Gallagher. Her smile is the Platonic ideal of cheeky”. Great start for a 22 year-old, don’t you think?

Lily Collins is the daughter of the famous rock star, Phil Collins. Born in England, she moved to Los Angeles when she was 5 years old. She started as an editor for many magazines like Elle Girl, Seventeen and Teen Vogue and she has also starred in many TV series as a guest star. Recently, she co-starred with Jullia Roberts at the film “Mirror, mirror”, where she played Snow white with great success.As a new star, Lily Collins takes special care of her style. In the past, she was less creative in mixing her clothes, but the recent photos of her at the Coachella Festival prove that a style star is born. How would we describe her style? Definitely, romantic; but she also looks perfect in an androgyne outfit.

Without a doubt, Lily is going to be the next best thing in the fashion spotlight.Image



Burberry Prorsum Resort 2013/ 24-7 Burberry style

We know that Burberry’s Christopher Bailey has managed with all of his collections to unify the classic british style that represents the English house with the contemporary demands of the ready-to-wear fashion. So far, his creations have been absolutely unique: eccentric, yet elegant and wearable. Not to mention his tailoring craftsmanship. Neverthless, this collection is certainly more focused to the commercial part of fashion, meaning that, although beautiful, the designs were a kind of predictable.
Consequently, only by accepting that Christopher’s Bailey resort collection is exclusively addresed to a more youthful, fashion consuming target group, can we really appreciate it. The androgyne aspect is dominating here, while the coats and the bomber jackets constitute the highlight -at least for me- of the collection. We saw also five evening dresses, with the last one being undoubtedly the modern revival of the 30’s big white dress (love it!). If you wonder why we didn’t see a bit more of evening wear, Bailey would probably answer “For what do you need the eveningwear, when you have a 24-7 black suit?!






Palm trees on your feet!

Summer is all here and what’s better from a shoe that smells like…sea! Gianvitto’s Rossi for Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2012 collection was all about tropical prints, one of the high trends of this season.
TIP: Wear them with a blue, high-waisted pair of pants, a white shirt and a white blazer.


The interesting aspect of casual

Styles like this are always an inspiration for me. Just take a look at her; a grey jacket, a jumpsuit (possibly) with floral prints, white sneakers, “vintagesque” sunglasses and a bike are enough to guarantee the perfect day look. If you think that casual means also boring, then this girl might make you reconsider!


Handmade treasures

Fashion is primarily a matter of style. And style is not only about expensive brands and logos; it is about personal expression. Annie Archimandritou proves that through her wonderful handmade jewels.
Annie is a mother and a hard working woman from Greece that made her passion with beautiful, unique things a hobby. She started creating jewels -earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings- a year ago and so far she has succedeed to have loyal fans in Athens and other Greek cities.
As you can see, although an amateur, her craftsmanship is exquisite. She chooses to use easy to manage materials, like alpaca (a kind of silver), copper, bronze, gemstones and leather, and her creations are inspired mainly by Greek images. I will totally recommend them to all my friends as Annie’s jewels match perfectly with the bronze colors of the Greek summer!





The hunting bag by Prada/ Hunters of style

Yes, yes I know. You think that I maybe become a little too tiring with all those bags, but you know that I can help it. This is the new arrival from Prada, The hunting bag as it is called, and I think that is worth a post @OntheLimelight. You can find in a variety of colors -i loved specially this one- and i’m sure that is going to accompany almost every look of yours!

Orange Fantasy


Or tangerine to be precise. I imagine myself in total black and a beige-coloured coat holding that Rocco Dumbo Bag by Alexander Bag. It is made by vera pelle and it has a body strap and an antique brass hardware on the bottom. It comes also in pale gold – a lovely shade-, in nickel black and in black, for the fashionistas who love the classic colours and styles. If you want to have it then start saving money from now!

Luxury in Green & Gold

I love everything that combines green and gold, especially when it comes to luxurious items, like jewelry. I find these earings by Aurelie Bidermann, french designer with an exquisite craftsmanship, absolutely fabulous.

EXTRA TIP: A perfect gift for a fashionista after a fight… Lovely boys do you hear me??? 😉

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